The Fantasy Internet

What is the fantasy internet??

The fantasy internet is a reinvention and re-imagining of the web. It is the cyberspace we used to dream of, but never came to pass.

What if the web was based solely on WebAssembly and HTML was never invented?

What would the internet look like, had it been introduced on the good ol’ microcomputers of the eighties..?

What would a world wide network of arcade machines look like?

Why doesn’t the internet look like it does in the movies??

Whatever you want the internet to be, you can help make it happen!

Let’s start over and make cyberspace the way it was supposed to be!

How does it work?

To access the fantasy internet, you need a fantasy terminal.

You use the terminal to type in an internet or local address you wish to connect to. The terminal will then look for a boot program called boot.wasm, near the root of the server.

Once the boot program is loaded, it will basically act as your gateway to the server. It will setup your user interface and define how the server is accessed and how its programs are run. It is basically the servers operating system.

If you are interested in how these boot programs are coded, take a look at some “Hello world” examples or read the API.

If you have any questions, feel free to join the Discord server.